10 Tips to Make Your Newborn Session Less Stressful | DeKalb, IL Newborn Photographer

10 Tips to make your Newborn Session Less Stressful DeKalb, IL Newborn Photographer

1. Choose a professional photographer who specializes in newborns.

It is important to choose a photographer who has experience handling newborn babies. You want someone who has an established portfolio in newborns and someone who has had special training working with babies. You also want someone who is up to date on their DTap, Whooping Cough, and Covid vaccines. Wigglebug photography has you covered with over 13 years experience photographing newborns, multiple newborn training workshops, and up to date vaccines.

2. Choose your colors and theme ahead of time.

There is an infinite amount of colors, props, wraps and other details that could be used at your newborn session. Choose your color families ahead of time. I usually recommend choosing a main color and then a family of neutrals. Keep in mind where these photos will be hanging. If they will mainly be used in the nursery then choose colors that will compliment the decor of that room. At Wigglebug we have a huge selection of wraps and props to create any color scheme you could dream of. Check out THIS POST for tips on what to wear for your session. 

3. If you are nursing avoid eating anything spicy.

Twenty four hours before your session avoid spicy or unusual foods. You do not want to eat anything that might upset your baby's tummy during the newborn session. 

4. Keep your baby awake for 1 to 2 hours before your newborn session.

Really, I should have mentioned this one first. If you do nothing else to prepare for your session PLEASE do this! Play with your baby, give him a bath, keep him naked, ANYTHING to keep him awake for the 2 hours proceeding the newborn session. This is the number one thing you can do that will keep him asleep during our time together and let us get all those sweet newborn poses. 

5. Get your baby "milk drunk".

Feed your baby right before you get in the car to come to the session. Make sure he has a very full belly. It is ok to let him fall asleep in the car on the way to the session. (If you are traveling more than 15 minutes to the studio contact Tricia for additional information). 

6. Dress your newborn in zip or snap up the front jammies and NO onesie!

When you get to the studio our goal will be to keep your little one asleep. We do not want to take off any clothing over his head. Nothing wakes a baby up faster than pulling clothing over a baby's  head. Also, no socks. A footie sleeper is ok but sock will leave sock lines on his little feet. 

7. Bring a Paci.

A pacifier is a great thing when we are posing and moving a newborn. It is very helpful to sooth the baby back to sleep if he starts to wake up just a little. 

8. Dress in layers.

The studio will be between 80 and 85 degrees. You will want to dress in layers so you can take off the top layer and be comfortable. 

9. Be prepared to take a nap, REALLY! 

Like I mentioned above, the studio will be about 80 degrees. There will be a white noise machine running and you will be seating on very comfy couches in our waiting area. Take this opportunity to catch up on a few moments of sleep. My assistant and I will take care of the baby. Newborn sessions last 2.5 to 3 hours so you will have some time. 

10. Let us take care of everything during your newborn session. 

My assistant and I will take over the moment you walk in the door. We will get your newborn out of his carseat and ready for his close up. We will take care of diaper changes and any spit ups.

I hope these tips make you feel more relaxed about your newborn session. If you are coming to Wigglebug studios you have nothing to worry about. We will take care of you!

Bonus Tip for young Siblings! 

Sibling and newborn pose studio Newborn session best photographer Northern IL
If you want your newborn photographed with an older sibling it is a good idea to have the older sibling practice for the session. Little ones do much better if they know what to expect at the session. Have your older child lay down on their back and practice holding a doll. Have them snuggle the doll or stuffie and practice kissing the toy on the head. Then have them practice looking up at you. Try to stand over them and even take a practice photo. Tell them they will be laying on a very fuzzy rug. This helps them prepare and makes for a much more calm session. Here are a few examples of this pose. Please reach out if you have additional questions. 

Newborn photo with two older siblings

Newborn photo DeKalb, IL sibling picture best photographer in Dekalb Sycamore Area

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