After several years of being in business and teaching photography I decided to enter a few contests. I wanted to be able to advise my students on how to win contests. I figured the best way to gain experience was to just start entering contests. This was a little nerve racking at first. However, I soon saw that judges loved my style as much as my clients did! 

In 2017 there were not many contents to enter. The first contest I entered was the only one I could find for professional photographers specializing in newborns and children. That was the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. I was very happy to place in that first competition. 

The International  Baby Photo Awards was a year long contest. Photographers needed to enter photos each month. During each month photographers would earn points toward the yearly award.  Each month it was exciting to see my images win awards. At the end of the year I was thrilled and super surprised to recive a trophy stating I was in the TOP 3 photographers in the WORLD in 2020 ! 

That win gave me the confidence to enter the Portrait Masters Contest in 2021. While I had confidence, I did not expect to rank in this competition. I was competing against the other photographers I had studied with and mentored with. I was SHOCKED to be awarded 4 Bronze with distinction awards, a Silver Award and to rank in the top 20 photographers in the newborn photography division. 

While not a contest, the Expertise award is one I am very proud of . This is a designation given by a website that vets and recommends the best newborn photographers in the area. I am very proud to say I have been selected and recommended by since 2017! 

I am grateful for all my clients who allow me to enter their images into these contests. I am grateful for my husband and family who always support and encourage me on this journey.