2023 FALL and Christmas Mini Sessions are Here!!

This year Wigglebug is offering both Fall and Christmas Mini Session! We are also offering the Mini or the Mini PLUS option. Please contact Tricia right away to reserve your date and time, these always go fast! 

Click HERE to BOOK NOW!!  

Mini:  10 minutes, one set, children only 3 final images (10 proof images to choose from) $200

Mini PLUS: 15 min, 2 sets, children and adults 6 final images (20 proof images to choose from) $250

Indoor Christmas Mini Sessions are offered on Nov. 10th (pm) , 11th (am), and 12th (am). 
2023 Christmas Mini Sessions Formal classic Christmas tree Set DeKalb Sycamore IL2023 Christmas Mini Session Formal White Set DeKalb Sycamore IL

On November 10th 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm  the Glowing Tree Set will be available (children only) 
On November 11th  9:00am to 10:20 am the White Sets will be available including: 
On November 12 11:00 am to 12:20am  

Outdoor Fall and Christmas Mini Sessions are available October 14th and 15th 

sold out! Outdoor fall and christmas mini session 2023 DeKalb Sycamore IL

Outdoor FALL and Christmas Mini Session are offered on October 14th and 15th  SOLD OUT

Outdoor Fall sets include:

Outdoor Christmas sets include:

Specific props may vary.  If you have a specific request please reach out at least 48 hours ahead of time to see if we can accommodate your request. No specific props are guaranteed.