Boys Christmas gift ideas

Bed sheets
When you think boys Christmas gifts, sheets might not be at the top of you list. However, I got this idea last fall because my boys insisted that “the only comfy place” in our whole house was my bed. When I asked them why that was, they said because my sheets were the softest. I then went  on a search for the softest coziest sheets possible and I found these. My boys got them for Christmas last year and they loved them. They have held up well and maintained their fluffy softness.

Weighted Blanket
This year I was hunting for a weighted blanket for my boys. They both have some struggles relaxing. The weighted blanket idea was given to me by my friend Colleen. Her girls struggle with anxiety also. This blanket is highly reviewed on amazon, has a cozy soft cover, and the cover is removable for washing. Also, there were no comments on the beads coming out which was very important in my choice. I ordered the 7 lbs blanket for my 10 year old and the 12 lbs blanket for my 14 year old.