Don't Lose Your Photos!

Download your photos before they are DELETED !

Hey everyone! This is very important you do not want to lose all your treasured photos! Did you download your photos from your gallery? Did you print all the photos you wanted? Were you waiting to buy one or two photos from your gallery later on? Did you switch computers and now you don't know where your photos are???
Well, now is your LAST chance! All galleries are being DELETED and removed ! 

Wigglebug Photography will be DELETING all 2017 and earlier galleries. Why? Because we have great things planned for 2018 and we need the storage space! 

All galleries for ALL clients will be deleted on Monday, December 11th at 5:00pm. 

Double check that you have all your images for your sessions. Wigglebug Photography is not responsible for storing, maintaining, or saving any images. Wiggelbug Photography does not offer archiving or file storage.  

Contact Tricia or Beth to Repost your gallery before Monday! 

What can you do if you don't have your images? Contact Tricia or Beth right away. We can repost your gallery for a $25 reposting fee. Galleries will be activated for 48 hours ONLY. You can re-download your digital files or order prints. 

We recommend you back up your images in more than one storage location. Some suggestions for backing up your images include cloud storage such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Prime Photo. You can also back up your images on an external hard drive or a thumb drive. 

Wigglebug is not obligated to save or store any images. Galleries will only be reposted if Wigglebug still has the photos. Wigglebug is not responsible for any system, hardware, or memory failure.