Beautiful Mother and Children Outdoor Portrait

This year we added a beautiful flower garden, benches, and pergola to the the outdoor studio here at Wigglebug. I was so excited with all the Zinnas started blooming. They were so bright and beautiful. I was so excited to have the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous  mother and her sweet children. We had an incredible summer night to work with. All the girls are wearing dresses from the Wigglebug collection. It really made it easy for this mother to show up and have the dresses ready for her.

I have been wanting to photograph a nursing mother for a while and this mother was perfect for this. I am blown away by no only their beauty but the feeling of peace and love in these photos. 

The boardwalk is another feature we added to the outdoor studio this season as well. I had an idea for a board walk and my father helped me create it. It is made up of about 15 pallets that he filled in with extra boards. It is hard to believe all of this is located just outside the sliding glass doors of my kitchen! 

The outdoor studio was the perfect setting to capture these photos. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. 

Outdoor portrait of mother and children DeKalb IL Photographer

Outdoor Portrait of a 8 year old girl with flowers DeKalb Sycamore IL Photographer

Outdoor portrait of mother nursing  and children DeKalb IL Photographer

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