Newborn Baby Boy from Sycamore, IL | Studio Photographer

"I'm pregnant" she whispers in my ear as we are walking down the hallway laughing at a joke she just made. At first I did not understand, I thought she was talking about the joke she just made. Then I realized what she was saying. She would not finish out the school year with me because she was having a baby!

I was thrilled for my friend because I knew how much she loves children and frankly, how much she loves being pregnant. I was also thrilled because I knew I would get to photograph her beautiful children. 

I very much enjoyed her pregnancy. She shared all her funny stories, painful moments, and growing pains. I also enjoyed it because I was not the one pregnant! I am terrible at being pregnant! Mr. B was not quite as over due as her others and we were all super surprised to find out that he was a BOY! We were all quite sure that he would be another sweet girl for her family. 

I loved this session and I will enjoy watching this meatball grow up. I am excited to share "boy " stories with my friend. Here are some of my favorites from this very special session. 

Newborn baby boy studio photos from Sycamore IL

Newborn baby boy studio photos from Sycamore IL

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