Adult Cake Smash Session at Wigglebug Photography Studio

Have you heard of adult cake smashes? I started seeing these a few months ago. As they gained popularity people started to message me about them saying things like "You should offer these" and "How fun would this be!". I love to try new things and I love cake and wine so... why not. I just needed someone with a quirky sense of humor and an adventurous spirit.

Amy and I used to work together at the old high school and we have some mutual facebook friends. We both started commenting on one of these adult cake smash photos. She said she wanted to try it. So I said "Let's do this!".

This was my first experience with the "adult" version of the cake smash although, I have been doing the one year old milestone version for years.

This was so much fun I defiantly hope I get to shoot another one.

Here are some photos from our adventure !

Pink Adult cake smash 40 year old birthday

Pink Adult cake smash 40 year old birthday