Photography Studio in DeKalb Sycamore, IL : Portrait photographer serving Geneva St. Charles IL

I am very proud of the studio area that my husband and I have built in our home.  Scott (Mr. Wigglebug) has out in countless hours tweaking each little part. Well... I have been working hard too, but not as hard as him. 

I have been getting lots of requests from clients and other photographers for photos of my studio space. So here they are ! 

Check out Miss G's place of honor over the big fluffy chair. I think the light is magical in this photo. This is a 16x24 canvas.

Here is the large version of the Wigglebug Signature Canvas Grouping. This grouping has a 24 x 36 at the end. I love having all these sizes at the studio for clients to see. It is so important to be able to see in person and even hold the products that you are going to have in your home. This grouping has been my most popular grouping over the last year and a half. 

The barn wood wall! This is my favorite backdrop in my collection. It is real 100 year old barn wood from my family's farm in Missouri. Many of my props are built from this same wood. I love the vintage feel and the traditional look. 

Check out these new samples! We will be offering Luxury Metal Prints this year. These samples are just precious. 

This is a view from the shooting area into the viewing and ordering area. The flatscreen (above) is how I share clients sessions. It is so nice to see the images HUGE and to be able to walk my clients through each image. So many beautiful photos and choices can be overwhelming, that is why I do in person viewing sessions. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of the Wigglebug Studio. It has been a labor of love for both   Scott and me to build this area for our clients. And for my photographer friends, this is a natural light AND studio light area. I use the AB 400 for studio light. I love the flexibility that this arrangement offers me. I will be offering one on one mentoring in 2015. If you need help mastering your strobes or natural light, contact me to arrange a one on one mentoring session.