Miss A Baby Planner 3 month photo session: DeKalb Sycamore, IL photographer

Miss A is a "baby planner" baby.  Her momma brought her back to the studio for her 3 month session. We had a great session. She gave me lots of smiles although she liked to turn her head just at the moment she smiled.

It was so unseasonably warm here in Northern Illinois that we were able to sneak outside to the outdoor studio and capture a sweet swaddled up shot. She was so worn out from her beautiful smiles that she fell asleep.

I just could not resist trying to get some sleepy, sweet shots of her. The results are breathtakingly beautiful.

I am so happy that Miss A is a "baby planner". That means I get to watch her grow up and capture these precious moments for her family.

What does her momma have to say about working with Wigglebug?

" Thank you for caring so much about what you do and the people you work with! Someday when A is all grown up I will be able to look back at your beautiful pictures and remember the baby that stole my heart."